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Manga Communities

One topic that we studied in Manga and Japanese Contemporary Culture is manga communities.
So, I was wondering. Do you consider yourself to be a part of a manga community?
Do you discuss manga with others, actually read it with others, create dojinshi or other fan fictions, borrow and lend manga with friends? If you do any of this, it means that you do belong to a manga community.

I myself would consider myself to be a part of a manga community. I study manga, which of course means that I discuss manga with other people, who are also fans. My teacher, Amy, is essentially me four years older, so she and I have some wonderful discussions with each other. I also discuss manga and anime and other Japanese culture with my unit convenor, Dr. Bryce. I also use the internet to discuss manga and anime. This website, facebook, Gaia Online, are all venues for my manga musings.

I don't actually literally read the manga with other people. Reading it is a solitary thing for me. I do however recommend manga to other people and my boyfriend, Luke, reads it once I am done. Then we can discuss what we think about the story for that volume, what we think might happen, and pretty much anything relating to it.

I do not create dojinshi, and I don't really make any other fan fictions... I cannot draw, and even if I did create, I would be much too shy to show any dojinshi, fan fiction, AMVs that I make to anyone else. I do however day dream about manga characters and settings quite often, so I suppose that could be considered to be a form of fan fiction, loosely.

I do not borrow or lend manga to friends often. I have borrowed from and lent to Amy because she is very respectful of her property and other people's property, and I like that. I am very picky and OCD about the state of my favourite things, so if the spine gets broken, or a page gets bent, I get very anxious. I didn't  have any problems with Amy! And I have borrowed from Dr. Bryce. They are the only people I know personally that collect manga, at least physically (I know plenty of people with hard drives filled with manga- which I do not condone), so they are really the only people I can interact with in this fashion.

So, what about you guys?


I daydream about manga characters and settings too! I've considered writing FF, but lack of plot ideas and time means that me ever getting round to that is unlikely. or rather, I do have plot ideas, but they are the stuff of my daydreams, and I'd feel kinda self-concious writing them up as FF, and I'd also feel that they are not my own anymore.

And I'm particular about the condition of my books too *~* If it's a manga I'm not too bothered about I don't really care, but when it comes to my favourite manga books I'm very particular. I guard my Hetalia artbook with my life (well, it did cost my £40 and is no longer available).
Yes, I don't blame you for being protective of that. Pretty expensive, and great when they are no longer in print!
While I am very careful with all of my manga, like you said I am very very careful with my more expensive or less common items.
I just bought myself a Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind artbook (which is beautiful) for $35.
And, I agree, if I were to write down my daydreams I would feel self concious, and I also would feel that they are no longer my daydreams.

Thank you for your response!