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Hello, and welcome to my first post. I suppose at this point I will need to do all of the obligatory stuff.
I am a manga enthusiast, and I am currently studying it, and Japanese culture as a whole, at university. One day I will do my PhD in Manga!
So, I created this journal to start my career in writing about manga and anime, and what I think of it, and also as a bit of fun. I hope that you all enjoy reading it!

Anyway, I currently have 199 volumes of manga, most of which is in English (I am starting to study the language itself next year). I am adding to my collection as often as possible (with the discovery of www.bookdepository.co.uk this is much cheaper). And now that I am studying it academically I have more excuses to buy manga and have also started to buy and read academic texts written about manga.

It is hard to say what actually drew me into manga. I know that my sister introduced me to it, and I know that I enjoyed it immediately, but I have only recently started to ask myself why. I think that it is the fact that manga is so immersive. It contains both visual and textual aspects and combines them brilliantly. I know that Western comics do this too, and they have been available longer than manga in Australia, but the art work, and stories, just weren't appealing to me.

Because manga combines the worlds of imagery and the written word, I can interact with it as both a visual text, and a written one, at the same time. This requires a little more focus and interaction on my half. I cannot treat it as merely a piece of art, nor can I treat it as just a novel. It is both. And to me, this makes it immersive, though originally I enjoyed the idea that manga was an easy read. I don't see it that way anymore. It is so much more to me now.

Anyway, it is very late and I am quite tired. Unfortunately I have a bad cold at the moment (how is the weather so cold and it is not even winter yet), so sleeping is difficult. But I have university tomorrow, so I will have to try my best.

Goodnight everyone!